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Trade Service

International trade consultation and angency

As integrated logistics demand,Great House was registered and it is being as international trade consultation and agency services provider,who is focus on solution for embarrassment between buyer & seller.The conception of vendor/supplier’s source consolidation was tabled by Great House.It means that Great House will be as representative of globe buyer to tidy up their various seller resource.

The detailed explanation & proposal is as infra.

It is well-known that China is a big plant for globe buyer and such status is not still changed in a future long time period,It is inevasible that globe buyer purchase commodity from China.In facing China big vendors colony,the buyer must be able to come up against the follow problem without doubt,especially for middle & small size buyer:

Whare is requirement commodity plant centralization?Who is final suitable vendors?Is the price reasonable really?

How about reputation of supplier?

If the QC of vendors is not reliable,who can be as buyer’s representative to control vendor’s purchase of materials,manufacture procedure,final products inspections so that the procedure can be really controlled from headstream to final products and insure eligible products.

The supplier is able to delivery commodity & insure agreement delivery time or not after payment,especially for middle & small size buyers who could not open L/C to vendors.

The follow transportation & logistics issue.

The best solution is that buyer can set up own office in China if the above problem can be solved smoothly.But it is diffcult for middle & small size buyer,because the below problem has to be faced as well.

The cost is high and it is not cost-efficient for middle & small size buyer.

The buyer is not familiar with China government policy and it is difficult to operate.

The problem for long-distance management.

The buyer will be involved in China Tax system and the cost is farther more.

China is vasty and different commodity plant is centralized various area,so it is difficult to choice city while setting up office and cost has to to taken into account again.

Great house is as a professional international trade consultation and agency service team,who is focusing on solution for above problem that buyer is faced on.Great house is similar as buyer’s office prolongation in China with providing expert agency service for buyers and seek,manage, & consolidate China vendors/suppliers resource for buyer so that good reputation vendors & commodity is provided.

Although a small amount agency fee is charged by Great house for such important vendors/suppliers resource consolidation services of buyer, Great house can utilize own existing network to provide integrated services for buyer in seeking & managing vendors, headstream & manufacture procedure control & follow,cargo inspection,cargo movements,customs clearance,transportation eg. so that buyer can save big amount cost accordingly.

Great House has the below advantage with doing such circulating biz.

The investor & management team is dealing in NVOCC biz for many years and they held plenty of vendors/suppliers resource.

Own existing branch office of all of China is providing direct convenient services locally.

The professional international trade services team is familiar with various commodity & trade term/policy.

To avoid communication inconvenient between buyer & vendor,the bidirectional communication bridge can be easily set up by Great house’s integrated globe network.

Great House owe existing freight forwarder/NVOCC & logistics service system assist client to save cost and insure transportation & customs clearance on excellent,rapid & convenient.