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Exhibition Logistics

With good reputation in globe,Greating Exhibition Logistics utilizes it’s professional good team & integrated globe networks to provide excellent exhibition logistics chain services,so that customers are able to exhibit his products & brand timely.Sincerity is as originally with dependably respect-working,the laudable & experienced team of Greating is coacting with you to create splendent future

To be as the excellent exhibition logistics vendor for the globe clients of follow fairs, Greating team provides integrated door to door services of consolidation & distrubition successfully.

Inbound Exhibition

China International Fair For Inverstment & Trade

China Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition(CXMEE)

Xiamen International Stone Fair

Xiamen Auto Show

China(Xiamen) International Food Procurement Fair

Cross-strait(Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair

Outbound Exhibition

Taipei International Building, Construction & Decoration Exhibition

Cross-Straits Buddhist Items Fair

Hong Kong Flower Show