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Sales Execution Internal Market –Both Working For Freight Forwarder & logistics Industry and Commodity Trade Agency Service

Exploit Internal Market
1), Conduct sales calls and Acquire local new customers.
2), Product optimization and future development of new products.
3), Assess and understand customer requirements of multiple decision makers
4), Consultancy selling on the entire product.
5), Identify and access opportunities to sell integrated logistic solutions.
6),Weekly visiting schedule (target/ objectives).
7), Visit report.
8),Ensuring brand naming recognition of the Greating brand as a partner of excellence (-> Super Brand)
9), Gathering from the following customer.

1),One year experiences in freight forwarding industry.
2), Have a passion for sales activities.
3), Be independent and capable of problem solving.
4), Good application of PC software.
5),Aggressive,Aspiring,Conscientious,Team working spirit and Good moral.