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NALS Conference 2008

The Northeast Asia Logistics Society (NALS) launched by the logistics societies from China, Japan and Korea is an international logistics academic organization. The objectives of NALS are to foster and support excellence in logistics research and practice, and to stimulate professional exchange in all aspects of logistics. The NALS will undertake the following activities: A. Conduct of symposia, seminars and workshops; B. Publication of newsletters and journals; C. Pursuit of other activities to attain the objectives of the NALS.

NALS Conference 2008 will be held during 7-9 November 2008, in Guilin, Guangxi Province of China. The 7th China Logistics Academy Annually Conference and the IFPSM Winter School will be held together at the same period of time. The activities will focus on the “production & study & research integration; domestic and international communication”. The managers of key domestic logistics enterprises and foreign experts would like to join the meeting. The number of participants will be over the number of any past years.

In the afternoon of 7th November, the NALS General Meeting will be held to focus on the development of NASL. On 8th November, the General Assembly will be held throughout the day, equipped with simultaneous interpretation, 10 experts from home and abroad are invited to make speeches on development and policies on China¡¯s economy, exchange the latest view, experience and achievement of the research and practice on domestic and international logistics and supply chain. In the morning of 9th November, the NALS Seminar will be held in English with the topics of Port Logistics, Manufacturing Logistics, Logistics of Agriculture Production, Logistics of Trading Sector and International Logistics Development Trend. In the afternoon and evening, there are the tour on sightseeing of Lijiang River and Yangshuo, and the performance at the large real landscapes.