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International Federation of Purchasing

International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is a non-political, independent and non-profit oriented International Organization, registered in Aarau, Switzerland. IFPSM is the union of 43 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide. Within this circle, about 200,000 Purchasing Professionals can be reached. Each year, the Summer School of Federation will be held in Austria and the Winter School will be held in one of Asia-Pacific Countries.

In the year 2008, under the leadership of IFPSM, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) and Beijing Wuzi University (BWU) will hold the winter school.


Winter School 2008 will focus on Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain. The Winter School is intended:

a. To build up a platform on the latest development information of global purchasing, logistics, and supply chain management.
b. To exchange innovative ideas in theories and experiences for scholars£¬professionals and managers from various countries and regions of the world.


Guilin, Guangxi Province, China


Participants may come from any country of the world, especially Asia-Pacific countries, provided that they meet the following requirements. They must be,

  1. Enrolled PhD, postgraduate (or advanced graduate) students of an accredited institute of higher education, young teachers and young practitioners in related field;
  2. Willing and able to present a paper for discussion at the winter school;
  3. Fluent in English and willing to take an active part in discussions in that language.

Applications will be processed in the order of arrival and the first 20 applicants meeting the above requirements and considering the said preference will be accepted (the application form attached). The paper must be mailed to the School Secretariat (see address below) not later than October 8, 2008. And the paper must be based on original research on purchasing or a closely related area (purchasing, logistics, supply chain management, etc.).

Participation Fee

The participants have to pay a nominal registration fee: US$ 500. The participation fee covers three meals a day (starting with a dinner on Friday, November 7, ending with lunch on Tuesday, November 11), refreshments and all materials. Arrangement for accommodation should be informed in advance, and the cost for that should be paid by individuals. In exceptional cases, applicants can apply for a reduced participation fee. This application should be sent both to the national member association and the School Secretariat.

Time for Registration

The deadline for registration is October 8, 2008. Please see the Appendix I for application Form.


The professional program will start on November 10, 2008. Participants will make presentation on their papers and make discussion on these paper and related research subjects. These sessions will be directed by internationally acknowledged scholars, who will present a topic from their own research field and discuss with the students possible approaches and methods to handle the subject. Invitations are in progress and a full list of speakers will be released in September.

For your information, the following speakers will attend our school:

Charles Holden, Director General of IFPSM

Michiel R. Leenders, Chairman of Leenders Purchasing Management Association of Canada,

Professor Emeritus, Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

Svante Axelsson, CEO of SILF, Sweden; President Elect of IFPSM

Stephen W. K. Ng, President of the IPSHK; IFPSM Board of Directors

Zhiyong Zhang, Professor and Associate Dean of Logistics School, Beijing Wuzi University

Except for these professional programs, during the winter school, there will be some traditional Chinese activities provided.

Additional Provision

We will provide the students with:

  1. Certificate signed by IFPSM, CFLP and BWU;
  2. Two or Three best papers will be published in the China Business and Market, the China Logistics and Purchasing, and the other papers will be published in the Logistics education and training


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Preliminary Program of the IFPSM Winter School

November 10-11, 2008, Guilin, China